5 Popular Metal Tins for Farmhouse Decor

5 Popular Metal Tins for Farmhouse Decor

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 15th Jun 2024

Most homeowners have embraced the Farmhouse decor tins that combine rustic beauty with modern comforts. Metal tins are among the elements that can enhance this look. These pieces of metal are adaptable and serve both as décor and functional objects. In this blog, we will look at five popular metal tins that will enhance your farmhouse’s wall decor.

Black Cat Garden Metal Sign

This “Black Cat Garden Metal Sign” will take you to an old garden through the front door. It’s a great-looking metal tin sign piece that features a playful black cat among vibrant herbs, flowers, and vegetables with ‘since 1975’ topography. This sign has some retro typography on it as well as useful gardening tools, making it have a nostalgic feel anywhere it is placed.

Cuts of Chicken Metal Sign

This “Cuts of Chicken Metal Sign” is one such captivating tin that exhibits the vintage charm merged with informative art. ‘A butcher’s guide’s topography, showing cuts of chicken drawn by hand, appears on this tin sign with various parts like head, neck, breast or wing of drumstick styled in a retro manner.

Dachshund Garden Tin Sign

Create an enchanted atmosphere in your farmhouse by purchasing the “Dachshund Garden Tin Sign.” This cute thing shows a dachshund dog in a full bloom garden surrounded by beautiful texts ‘since 1975’. This looks like a small backyard where there are verdant herbs, flowers, and fruits, as well as essential gardening tools. Such a dog wearing a hat gives the impression that it’s from those good old days, and that makes this tin sign so nostalgic and rustic at the same time.

Herbarium Metal Tin Sign

This vintage piece of tin sign art has botanical illustrations of wildflowers like conium maculatum and ginkgo biloba on it. This tin sign has all those lovely details and natural colours that give any room in your home a rustic touch, creating a warm and nostalgic ambience. Nature lovers will fall for this tin sign that brings nature into your home wall decor.

Light House

This metal art tin sign, on the other hand, offers you an experience of coastal nostalgia by showing a serene lighthouse surrounded by green grass, trees, and a small hut. The sky is detailed, while other botanical elements make one feel like they are at some quiet retreat.


These Farmhouse decor tins will transform your farmhouse décor, making it functional and beautiful at the same time. For quality authentic tin signs for farmhouse decors, try checking out factorytinsigns collection, which has diverse collections of vintage metal tin signs that are a perfect fit for completing your farmhouse look.