Tin Tackers: Discover the Vintage Style of Tin Signs

Tin Tackers: Discover the Vintage Style of Tin Signs

Posted by Sara Taylor on 24th Nov 2023

If you're a fan of vintage decor, you've likely come across the charming appeal of tin signs. These nostalgic art pieces have been a popular choice for decorating homes, bars, and businesses for decades. Among the many vintage tin signs available, Tin Tacker stands out as a unique and enduring style that captures the essence of a bygone era. In this blog, we will explore some of the distinct vintage styles of Tin Tackers and why they continue to be cherished by collectors and enthusiasts.

Genesis Empire Pool Classic Poster

Relive the glory days of rock 'n' roll with our Genesis Empire Pool Classic Poster metal tin sign. You’ll find yourself transported to a time when rock ruled the world. This vintage masterpiece has been created to replicate the iconic 1974 concert at Wembley, where Genesis performed. With this unique, retro piece of art. Your space will be consumed by an aura of nostalgia.

Keep Calm and Drink Beer Retro Poster

If you want to take a trip to the past, then look no further than the “keep calm and drink beer retro poster”. Just by looking at it, you might feel nostalgic. This vintage style of tin tacker is more than just a decoration for your wall. It’s a time machine in its own league. With its beer glass logo and captivating typography, it can turn any room into an old school pub.

Old English Sheepdog Tin Sign

You’ll fall in love with the Old English Sheepdog Tin Sign if you’re a dog lover! This vintage metal sign has a very bubbly and playful sheepdog. It’s that type of dog that loves to be around people. The charming typography and retro design will make it perfect for adding a little whimsy to your home or office decor.

Sweet Cheeks Metal Tin Sign

If you want to find a unique Tin Tacker that brings a smile to your face, then you have found it. The Sweet Cheeks Metal Tin Sign, with its cute cow and phrase “why hello sweet cheeks, have a seat,” will definitely do that. There’s no doubt that this sign belongs in your home or office. The charming typography and retro design are a great touch of whimsy that everyone needs in their lives.


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